The rise (and rupture) of intuitive eating

Imagine yourself, if you will, in the midst of the exquisite diet chaos of the 90s. Pick your fighter. Diet juggernaut Robert Atkins (who first introduced his eponymous low-carb diet in the 70s) released “The New Diet Revolution” in 1992, vying for hearts and stomachs against the perfect nothingness of…

On eating, health and guilt

INTRO NOTE: I’ve written and published this article for free, fully open access, because I think it’s vital in the wake of the BBC Horizon show from last night. But the UK’s leading eating disorder charity, Beat, needs your help! Their services are extra stretched right now and money is…

The Life and Dreams of Esiah Levy

Illustration of Esiah picking kernels off a corn cob and placing them into brown envelopes. A green cityscape unfolds behind.

Illustration: Sinae Park
Photos: Maria Bell
Words: Ruby Tandoh

The seeds would arrive in envelopes, their names scrawled in ballpoint pen across the back. ‘Giant Hubbard,’ read one packet, the seeds for the heavy, dense-fleshed squash landing in Wiltshire in England’s rural south-west. A package of squash and corn seeds…

The show raises profiles of POC while symbolizing an implicitly white Britishness

When she first got the message asking if she’d be interested in writing a baking book, Benjamina Ebuehi thought it was a scam.

After reaching the quarterfinals of the “Great British Bake Off” in 2016 (and being defeated at the hands of a fiendishly difficult Tudor-themed baking challenge), she’d approached…

Ruby Tandoh

Ruby is a food writer for Taste, The Guardian, ELLE, Eater and more. She is the author of Eat Up! and two recipe books, Crumb and Flavour.

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